Project I: Wealthsimple Mockups

This is the most recent quick project I did for a financial institution. The branding of Wealthsimple is very stylish and modern, which is not a typical financial institution's visual branding.

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Project II:Geometric Poster

Using geometric shapes to create a series of posters.

Project III: Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustration graphics can use in many industries. It is an eye-catching trend that is very popular in today's design field.

Project IV: User Interface Design

These AI Applications are designed to present numbers in an easy to read way and pleasant to the eye at the same time.

Project V:VI Design

Branding setup including logo, stationary, brochure, ads, and visual design relates to company's identity.

Project VI:Logo Collection

These are all the logos I did for different industries. As the most important visual identity for a company. It is the base for setting up branding.

Project VII:Website Design

Mockups of NBAI Wallet product landing page.The website and wallet user interface are launching soon.

Project VIII:DAPP User Interface

User interface mockups for Quant AI, a decentralized AI application for predicting financial activities.

Project IX:Board Game Design

The game characters design for werewolf game, which is really popular around the world. These characters are inspired by Team WE,which is a popular LPL (League of Ledgend) team.